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Every time we explain the workings and benefits of Mallguide, we get two versions of the same reaction:

"Wow, that's SUCH a great idea!" or "Oh, I didn't realise this is FREE"

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Everything retail, and so much more...

Mallguide is a free resource portal, over viewing everything current in retail shopping by drawing together all the information offered by all individual Malls and Shops in South Africa into one easy-to-use package.

BONUS FEATURE: Shops can list promotions, competitions, gift ideas and jobs for FREE.

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Updating YOUR SHOP on Mallguide updates it on this website too!

Mallguide offers a wide range of functional tools to different user types, each set customised to meet specific requirements.

Mallguide services malls, shops, chain shops, leasing agents, marketing consultants and even independent movie houses who can now provide their customers with a free resource to all relevant information.

Mallguide is linked directly and dynamically to this website so information is always current and up to date on both websites!

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